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Intentional Leadership Podcast


 Hosted by Dr. Ross F. Williams Jr. - "The Genesis of Change begins with me."

Intentional Leadership Podcast powered by Academy of Dallas and Bexar County Academy, delivers a thought-provoking, eye-opening and authentic block of programming designed to motivate and inspire viewers to transform the educational experiences of scholars today. 

Intentional Leadership Podcast features "Point of Discussions" (Hot Topic), a series of in-depth conversations between the host, Dr. Ross F. Williams Jr., and some of the most recognized leaders, scholars, and strategists of our time.  The candid discussions open up about the real challenges of education today - especially as it relates to students of color, living in impoverished communities, practical solutions to these challenges, and the stories of those making a difference.

Intentional Leadership Podcast airs weekly on all major podcast platforms - on both video and audio formats. 

Intentional Leadership Podcast Episode 7: Buddy Cavlo