Bexar County Academy


    Article I: Purpose Statement

                    The purpose of this organization is to support our students and staff.  We shall provide this support by engaging in fundraising projects, providing service for an organizing extracurricular school functions, and encouraging parent, teacher and community involvement.

    Article II: Membership

                    All parents, step-parents or guardians of students, as well as all staff members of Bexar County Academy are welcome to become members of the PTO.  Other members of the community who do not have a child enrolled, but would like to participate in the PTO, can do so at the approval of the board.

    Article III: Board Members

                    The Executive Board shall consist of the following elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer ideally.  However, allowing that we are a small school, on person may take responsibility for more than one position if the need arises.  The Board members should be elected at the first PTO meeting every school year.

    Article IV: Duties

                    Section I: Duties of the President

    1. 1.Shall preside at all PTO meetings.  Contact Vice President if unable to attend.
    1. 2.Server as an authorized signatory on PTO bank accounts.
    1. 3.Serve as primary contact for the Principal.
    1. 4.Schedule and notify members of dates and times of meetings.

    Section II: Duties of the Vice President

    1. 1.Preside over meetings in the event the President is unable to attend.  Contact President if unable to attend.
    1. 2.Perform duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve.

    Section III: Duties of the Secretary

    1. 1.Attend meetings and record the official minutes.  Contact President if unable to attend.
    1. 2.Publish a summary of the minutes within five school days.
    1. 3.Keep a log of attendance for the meetings.

    Section IV: Duties of the Treasurer

    1. 1.Attend meetings to report financial status.  Contact President if unable to attend.
    1. 2.Serve as an authorized signatory on PTO bank accounts.
    1. 3.Keep financial records, receipts and expenditures.
    1. 4.All deposits or reimbursements must be made within fourteen school days.

    Article V: Meetings

                    There will be monthly general meetings throughout the school calendar.  The time, place and date of meetings will be sent home to parents/guardians as well as being posted at school.  Special meetings may be called to deal with a specific situation or event.  Meetings should last no longer than one hour if at all possible.  Unfinished business shall be carried over to the next meetings.