• The P.A.M. Media Outreach nine-week Leadership program, which will include participation in three Teen Summits, will allow middle school youth to learn leadership skills. The objective is to have approximately 25 youth become leaders from Bexar County Academy to learn and participate in a youth summit that P.A.M. Media Outreach has partnerships with several San Antonio Inner-City and Urban High Schools.


    These students will be addressing some critical issues in their community with some key groups, e.g., local community policemen – law enforcement, business owners, educators (high school and colleges), ministers, school  administrators, mental health (bullying), and peers. The youth leaders, faculty, staff, parents, and community are asked to join our youth leaders to participate and support our middle and high school youth leaders at the high school Teen Summit, e.g., in-person or virtual. 

    The summit outcome will be the “Call to Action” that will help build a process for bringing together this community and other sectors to build effective leadership, relationships, and partnerships.

    Click and Watch P.A.M. Leadership Program Video https://vimeo.com/613111018.                           

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