• Good morning, Mustangs!

     I hope you and your families were able to make the best of this Easter weekend and spend much-needed quality time together. I just wanted to spend this weekly check in to send my appreciation to all of you for continuing to find ways to balance your child’s learning with home life. The current situation presents us with a very challenging and wonderful opportunity to teach our children the importance of work-life balance as well as self-care and prioritization. I want to encourage you to be creative and adaptive in helping your child take responsibility for their learning. During times like these filled with uncertainty and stress, I think we are put in a unique position to teach our students the importance of prioritizing their needs while also cultivating and encouraging them to value and prioritize their educations for their futures. Please find comfort in knowing that your home does not have to be as structured as we are in the classroom. Victories during this time can look differently for every family, and we appreciate your attempt to find ways to support your child while also balancing the changes you’ve had to overcome with your own personal work-home schedules. When your student has completed their tasks – even if it wasn’t at your ideal schedule or by a set strict schedule you’ve created – still encourage them and be proud. They are showing that they value their education, and hopefully will continue to grow in that.

     We are trying our best to support you and your families during this time of distance learning, so please let me know if there’s any way for us to improve that. You are all doing a great job! Keep it up!

    Edison Marcos

    BCA Principal