• Good morning Mustang family,

     I hope this email finds you well. We are now entering 4th week  of distance learning, and I wanted to take a moment to check in on our learners and their families. I want to express to all of you how proud I am of your adaptability and grit during a time of uncertainty and crisis. While the current COVID-19 situation is not ideal, I am continuously impressed by how our teachers and learners are taking on the challenge of learning during this time. Trying to keep the positives in the forefront of our minds, this is a great opportunity for learners to experience virtual connection and problem-solving centered around technology, which is where we find current trends pointing towards in the future. I believe these challenges will serve them well in the future as they enter into the community as young adults.

     Thank you to our families who have stepped in and taken a huge role in your learner’s education. I know that this has been an unexpected and challenging change for many families, but your support and participation in your child’s education has been invaluable. I hope that you continue to encourage your child to reflect on this small blessing of consistency in this situation of uncertainty that education brings as well as empowering them to take responsibility for their learning. The lessons you are teaching them outside of the classroom are so crucial to their overall success. Please know that the teachers and I are here to provide any support you may need.

     Please continue to stay safe and healthy. This is an opportunity to lead by example and show our children the importance of looking out for their community. These times are tough, but I believe we will make it out on the other side stronger than ever. Until next time, Mustangs.


    Edison Marcos


    Bexar Country Academy Charter School