Mrs. Natalie Davalos

Phone: 210-432-8600


Degrees and Certifications:

MA, Curriculum & Instruction in Reading BA, University of Texas in San Antonio with a specialty in Science, Health, Kinesiology Teacher Certified in English, Health and Kinesiology Associates of Arts from San Antonio College Additional Certifications/Training: NFTE SUT, Tutor, Extra-Curricular Activities

Mrs. Natalie Davalos

Hello Bexar County Academy Family.  I am an Alumnus of UTSA and have had a passion for teaching from my days in High School.  I grew up here in San Antonio in this very neighborhood/community from Elementary through Middle School and then graduated from High School here as well.  I knew that I was going to teach and make a difference.  That is my purpose. 

Objective: To maintain high expectations from all children and promote a comfortable, productive learning environment in which my students are excited about learning; responsible for their lessons by not only completing them but excelling through constructive feedback with confidence by your child.

Reading - I am the 2nd - 8th Grade Title I Reading Specialist here at BCA.  My role is to analyze data and see where our students are as far as how they rank. I provide Pull-Out and Push-In services to support your students throughout the school day.  I identify those students that need guidance in building upon their reading fluency, skills, strategies, vocabulary in context, making inferences, summarizing, identifying the main idea and overall boost in comprehension during the reading process.  My goal is to assist our students in being able to apply the skills that their teachers teach them and be that guiding hand to refine these strategies and enhance the concept of all-inclusive reading.

SUT - I am also the 6th-8th SUT - Start Up Tech Teacher which is a course leading into Entrepreneurship.  This course, per NFTE, "empowers our students to own their futures.” It is my goal to support and assure that each and every student receives a top-notch education through these difficult times whether it be by a phone call to guide your child, through email, through Google Classroom or by hard-copy. I am here to reach out to parents/guardians to assist throughout our distance learning process and to let you know that there are options for your child to be successful in their learning.  Please contact me so we can work together with your child; or if you have any questions via my email address. 

Warm regards. 


**Please contact me if you want your child to receive any specific additional school resources for Reading Support for Ms. Adams, Mr. Salas, Mr. Duran, Mrs. Mireles and Mrs. Lozano or if it be for SUT Class via Email. **

  • Hello students. I encourage you to continue to speak to your family, friends, Mr. Nelson and you know that I am always here for you all as well as all of your teachers and BCA Staff. Remember to stay active by walking and exercising, read, take a break and get some fresh air, eat healthy, stay positive, make the best out of any situation, live, laugh, love and if you have any questions whatsoever; please reach out to me. Others around you are going through some of the same things that you may be experiencing; so talk about it. Don't stress. Love life. ~ Davalos

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  • Attention BCA Parents:  Campus Technology Survey

    BCA Tech Survey:
    Hello BCA parents. Please complete the technology survey that was sent out last Friday, 05/15/2020 in order for our school to evaluate resources and the use of technology for students' distant learning process. This survey helps us help you and your children due to COVID-19 and in case of future emergencies. It is very important that you fill out this survey in its entirety and submit. Thank you in advance.

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  • Here is a great way to turn in work, complete enrollment forms, send in notes from your children, projects, surveys, any assignment/completed lesson for their courses to their teachers, counselor, administration, front office and BCA staff.
    Hello. Here are some great options I wanted to share with you to have a scanning device app right on your phones.

    *******1st option to assist your children to share work, enrollment forms, etc. with their teachers.*****

    Click on the link to access a scanner to assist you if you are unable to complete the enrollment form and or classwork, homework for your teachers. Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner with OCR, PDF Creator, AdobeBusiness
    For: Everyone
    This app is compatible with your device. The free document scanning app from Adobe turns your device into a powerful portable PDF scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR).
    Use this mobile document scanner to turn anything — notes, documents, photos, graphic organizers — into an Adobe PDF with content you can reuse from each PDF and photo scan.

    *****2nd Option to assist your children to be able to share work, enrollment forms, etc. with their teachers.***

    This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
    Instant scanning, screenshotting sharing and instant contacts.

    I hope this helps. ~ Davalos

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  • Hello students, parents and staff.  Click on the link below for the latest information regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19. 

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  • E-Books - Get your Library card

    Here is some great information. - This links to your San Antonio Library card to get free E-Books. Contact the Central Library from 210-207-2500 between 9AM and 5PM Monday through Friday or visit the library to get your library card. Celebrating Children's Book Week in order to build reading fluency throughout and ongoing. Read, Read, Read. ~ Davalos

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  • PARENT WEBINARS/Training - **Starting tomorrow, May 6th throughout May 20th - there are a variety of free classes available for parents.  Check them out and make plans to attend.  This is a great opportunity.
    Here is the information for you:  **ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK ON THE LINK
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  • Hello.  The SUT Assignments are for 6th-8th grades that have Start Up Technology on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY.  You can locate these in the Assignments Section labeled SUT.  

    Please make sure to be practicing and creating APPS on MIT APP INVENTOR.  You can refer to the MIT APP INVENTOR TUTORIAL to take you through a refresher.  You can get on MIT APP INVENTOR as often as you like.

    Another resource that I know you like is  This is great to practice ongoing as well.  Please see the Assignment labeled for a tutorial as a refresher for you.

    I am also looking at a coding combat program that we may utilize but for now; let's stick with MIT APP INVENTOR primarily and

    Make sure to view and actively particpate in your SUT assignments and you can also view and participate in lessons on my Google Classroom at: 

    Start Up Tech Class code


    If there are any questions regarding SUT please reach out to me via email as another option. ~ Davalos

    Coding MIT APP INVENTOR Entrepreneurship

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  • ****PLEASE VIEW READING SKILLS/STRATEGIES that are in the Assignments Section.****  If you have any questions please reach out to me via email. 

    These skills and strategies that I add are for your children to use in their classrooms, during lessons, exams and with me during pull-outs or push-ins throughout the school year and also during breaks, summer, distance learning, etc. Your child will use what is best and what works for them throughout their educational pathway.

    You can also visit my Google Classroom at: Reading with Davalos - Class code


    Please let me know how I can be of assistance to support and collaborate with you to assure your child is succesful throughout their education. ~ Davalos

    Reading Reading Reading

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  • DHS City Of San Antonio Resources

    Do you need help during COVID-19?  Here is some great information.

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  • Enrollment Forms

    Hello parents and students, I just wanted to make sure everyone has access to the BCA re-enrollment form for the 2020-2021 school year. In order to enroll for the upcoming school year at BCA, please fill out this form and return it to the school building, or send it to Shirley Gonzales at her email: Thank you all. Stay safe and healthy. Thinking of you...~ Davalos

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