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Mrs. Olivares

Hello!! My name is Maria Olivares, and I am happy to be able to begin a new and challenging school year with your child in Pre-School.  This is my 5th year teaching preschool and my 6th year teaching.  I am very excited to see all that your child will learn and to have them reach their potential.  We will be having lots of fun and will be doing lots of learning along with it. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in Education.  I received my Teacher Certification in 2014 and am working on my Bilingual Certification. 

I come from a family of educators from Mexico so I know I have it in my blood.  I love working with children and enjoy watching them blossom in their learning.  I hope to provide your child with a solid educational foundation from where they can build on that will help them build a bright future.

This year is a new and challenging one that will provide a learning experience for both teachers and students.  I want you to know I will be giving by best to assure that each student is provided the best education possible. 

  • Aprendizaje Extendido en Linea

    Horario para Estudiantes


    Curso                          Tiempo/Leccion

    Escritura                    45 minutos –

    Estudiante trabajara en habilidades motoras finas. Por ejemplo: jugar con plastilina, encadenar elementos, practicar la escritura del alfabeto, nombre, colorear.

    Lenguaje                    45 minutos –

    Estudiante trabajara en fonética, reconocimiento de letras, sonidos de letras, correspondencia de letras, rima, primeros sonidos en palabras, escuchando historias.

    Matemática                30 minutos –

    Estudiante trabajara en el conteo hasta 20, reconocimiento de números al 20, restando de 10, sumando al 10, ordenar elementos en varios métodos, hacer patrones.

    Ciencias                      30 minutos –

    Estudiante trabajara en aprender sobre el clima, la seguridad climática que vestir en diferentes climas, cabios en el clima, estaciones y sus cambios, sus cuerpos, sentimientos y cinco sentidos.

    Ciencias Sociales       30 minutos –

    Estudiante aprenderá sobre su familia, donde viven las familias, la diferencia en los refugios de todo el mundo, lo que la gente viste en diferentes áreas, diferentes culturas, el uso de tecnología para encontrar información

    Educación Física       30 minutos –

    Estudiante trabajara en habilidades motoras haciendo ejercicios. Por ejemplo: correr en su lugar, bailar, escalar, atrapar, equilibrar, caminar en línea recta, hacer cualquier actividad física para mantenerlos en movimiento.

    Lectura                       20 minutos –

    Estudiante se les leerá todos los días por los padres, o escuchando historias en línea provistas por la maestra o algún sitio escogido por la maestra.

    Vocabulario               20 minutos –

    Estudiante trabajara en el aprendizaje de vocabulario y lo que significa. Escuchar la palabra en una oración.  


    Este es un horario diario a seguir durante este tiempo. Es importante que los estudiantes continúen con su aprendizaje. Proporcionare actividades y sitios web que pueden ayudarle durante la(s) semana(s) siguiente(s). No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo con cualquier otra información o asistencia que pueda necesitar.

    Gracias por su apoyo

    Mrs. Olivares




    Online Extended Learning

    Schedule for Students

    Subject                      Time/Lesson

    Handwriting              45 minutes –

    Student will work on fine motor skills. Ex: playing with playdough, stringing items, practice writing alphabet, name coloring.  

    Language Arts           45 minutes –

    Student will work on phonics, letter recognition, letter sounds, letter matching, rhyming, on-set and rime, beginning sound win words, listening to stories.

    Math                           30 minutes –

    Students will work on counting to 20, number recognition to 20, subtracting from 10, adding to 10, sorting items in various methods, making patterns.  

    Science                        30 minutes –

    Student will work on learning about weather, weather safety, what to wear in different weather, changes in weather, seasons and their changes, five senses, their bodies and feelings.

    Social Studies             30 minutes –

    Student will learn about their family, where families live, difference in shelters around the world, what people wear in different areas, different cultures, using technology to find information.

    Physical Education     30 minutes –

    Student will work on motor skills doing exercises. Ex: running in place, dancing, climbing, catching, balancing, walking a straight line, doing any physical activity to keep them moving.

    Reading                      20 minutes –

    Student will be read to everyday by parents, or by listening to story on line provided by teacher.

    Vocabulary                20 minutes –

    Student will work on learning vocabulary and what it means. Listen to word being used in a sentence.


    This is a daily schedule to follow during this time. It is important for students to continue with their learning. I will provide activities and web sites that can assist you during the following week(s). Please feel free to contact me with any other information or assistance you may need.



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