• Dress Code



    SECTION: II (pages 14-15)


    1. Dress Code


    Casual days will be announced. Students should not assume that every Friday is a casual day.   On casual day, students may wear clothing of their own choosing as long as their dress is not bizarre, disorderly in appearance, or gang related. Modesty is the key word.  Jeans should be without holes or frayed areas.  Shoes should be closed-toed.  No tank tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops or tight fitting tops are allowed.  Dresses need to be no shorter than two inches above the knee.  Shorts may be no more than four inches above the knee when standing up.




    Pre-K-2nd Grades

    Navy Blue polo shirt (long or short sleeve), or school logo shirt

    Khaki Pants/Shorts/Skirt/ Navy or Khaki jumpers

    Tennis Shoes or closed toed shoes (any color) suitable for physical activity.



    Navy Blue polo shirt (long or short sleeve), or school logo shirt

    Khaki Pants/Shorts/Skirt/ Navy or Khaki jumpers

    All pants must fit properly and not be baggy or sag or be worn below waist line.

    Tennis Shoes (any color), or closed toed shoes suitable for physical activity.

    3rd-8th Graders can only use mesh or clear backpacks

    Students may wear shirts outside of pants provided the shirt has a straight hem, fits properly, and does not hang down below pocket level. Shirts hanging to the knees are not acceptable. Any Bexar County Academy purchased t-shirt is allowable attire during school.

    No undergarments should be visible at any time.


    1. Dress Code

              Dress Code Rules will be strictly enforced. Bexar County Academy has a uniform policy. All students and parents should take this into consideration before enrolling at Bexar County Academy. Students who willfully do not adhere are subject to suspension.


    1. Students must be in uniform each school day.

    2. New students who enroll will be given one week to get their uniforms before the dress code rules apply. During that grace week the students must be dressed neatly and modestly. No hats, jerseys, jeans or tube tops or open toed shoes will be permitted.


    1. Excessive jewelry will not be allowed. No piercings or grills are permitted. Tattoos may not be visible. Girls may wear one pair of earrings. Young men may not wear earrings to school. Gang related apparel will not be permitted. No heavy chains worn or carried are allowed on campus.  Pockets should not have any hanging items exposed.


    1. Unnatural hair coloring will not be permitted. Hair for both boys and girls should be cut or styled so that eye(s) are not covered.  Hair must be neat, clean, out of the eyes and must not distract or disrupt the learning process.


    1. Students must wear their complete uniform for all official functions, which include school outings and field trips unless administration gives other instructions.


    1. Visible facial piercings are not allowed.


    1. Hoods or other head coverings or blankets are not allowed in school.