• Dress Code

    All grade levels ( PK to 8th grade) are to wear White or Yellow polo shirts or a school logo shirt. Khaki pants/shorts/skirt and tennis shoes or closed shoes (any color) suitable for physical activity.

    It is required that in 3rd -8th grades, all pants must fit properly and not to be baggy or sag or be worn below waist line. Black or brown belt is required with no logos and shirt is tucked in. Tennis shoes (any color) or closed shoe toed suitable for physical activity.

    Students may wear shirts outside of pants provided the shirt has a straight hem, fits properly, and does not hang down below pocket level. shirts hanging to the knees are not acceptable. Any Bexar County Academy purchased t-shirt is allowable attire during school. NO undergarments should be visible at any time." (Student Handbook, p. 17-18)