•  About Us At BCA:




    We hope that as you browse the pages of this website, you will see that Bexar County Academy is truly a wonderful learning community. The school provides an instructional setting for Pre-Kindergarten to 8th Grade.

    Our dedicated teachers and staff work closely with our students in bringing quality education to every student. Our students are successful in all areas of academics while becoming involved in various extra curricular activities and entrepreneurial events. We are proud of our students' commitment  to achievement and future success.

    Our mission is to provide our students with a rich environment that supports the development of critical and divergent thinking as well as promoting healthy student development academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

     At Bexar County Academy, parents play an important role in our school as partners in their children’s learning. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and  participate in school events. By working together and striving for excellence, our students will be well equipped for their future education and their lives in a diverse society and world. Please feel welcomed to contact our school at (210) 432-8600 if you have further questions or wish to tour our school. 


    School Description:

    Bexar County Academy is an open enrollment charter school. Opening in 1998, Bexar County Academy serves grades Pre-Kinder to 8th grade.  The current student demographics are;  91% Hispanic, 4% African American,  3% Caucasian and 2% Native American. The Staff attendance rate is at  97% and the student attendance rate is at  97%. Bexar County Academy has a zero (0) droupout rate. Bexar County Academy offers a Free and Reduced Lunch to our students as well as BIL/ESL services to students who qualified.  

    Board of Directors :                                                   

    Paul Bradley, President                                           

    Rene Limon, Vice President

    Nathalia Brooks, Secretary

    Celeste Bazier, Treasurer

    Juanita Moreno, Director