• Financial

    Approved Budget (Texas Administration Code 100.1032) (Texas Education Code 44.0051)

    Disclosure of Financial Onformation (Texas Administrative Code 100.1050)

    • The Salary of the school's superintendent or as applicable the administartor serving and the edicational leader and chief executive officer. Due by December 1st (Texas Education Code 12.136, Texas Administrative Code 100.1007
    • The school's annual financial statement. (Texas Administrative Code 100.1050, Loval Government Code 140.006)

    Federal Grant Award (Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA)

    • LEAs that are awarded a federal grant or federal contract on ar after Octover 1, 2010 are required to report certain information on sub awards greater than or euqal to $25,000 and subcontracts greater than or equal to $30,000. This information includes a description of the award and , in some instances, must include that total compenstation and names of the top five executives of the awardee. Reports are due by the end of the month follwing the month in which the LEA awards any sub award or subcontract.
    • The reporting requrements do no apply to federal awards the LEA may recieve from TEA (because TEA is covering the reporting effort for federal funds that pass throught TEA.) LEAs are responsible for initiating their own process to ensure compliance wit hthe FFATA reporting requirements by followinginstructions provided by grantor agencies other than TEA.
    • For more information LEAs may review the FFATA legislation and the reporting requirements at www.fsrs.gov

    Most Current Annual Finanical Report (AFR) (Texas Administrative Code 100.1032) (Texas Education Code 44.008)