• ESC-20 Parent Perusals

    September 15, 2020

    ESC-20 Parent and Family Engagement

    Click HERE to access the 2020-2021 Parent Trainings & Webinars Catalog. Start making plans to attend!


    Catálogo de talleres para padres en español

    Introductory Video

    Introductory Video

    The ESC-20 Family Engagement Program provides training and support to school districts, charter schools, private schools and families to help strengthen home-school partnerships. To learn more about our program, click on the Family Engagement logo and view the introductory video.

    Introductory Video
    Video en español

    Para conocer más sobre el programa del Compromiso de padres y familias en ESC-20, oprima Video en español.

    Parent Trainings Specific to College, Carreer and Military Readiness

    Parent Trainings Specific to College, Carreer and Military Readiness

    Join ESC-20 Consultants as they present on various topics this year. View the flyer with session titles and descriptions by clicking on the CCMR icon.
    Parent Trainings Specific to College, Carreer and Military Readiness

    Save the Date: September 25, 2020


    Tips and Resources

    Census 2020

    Keep in mind that many children and our community benefit from many programs stemming from response to the census questionnaire. There only nine questions, and responding is quick and easy. So let’s be sure to get counted. Just click here - https://my2020census.gov/ and fill it out today.


    Get your Kids Moving!

    Do you know how much physical activity kids and teens need? It’s at least 60 minutes every day! As part of their daily 60 minutes, kids and teens also need muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activity. For more information, visit health.gov.


    7 Tips on How to Be the Best Grandparent to a Special Needs Child

    Read or listen to Jason Miller's Better Health Podcast as he responds to a question he is often asked by parents on how they should handle the questions and advice they are given from members in their own family. Click here to read or listen to the 7 tips.


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